I’ve been intrigued by the challenge of human habitation in space for several decades.  The line drawings below are from my first paper  “A Widely Adaptable Habitat Construction System Utilizing Space Resources,” presented at the NASA Vision 21 conference in 1994.  
The ultimate goal has always been a practical scheme for city-sized colonies in space that could free human life from dependence on a planetary surface.  I call these structures Hives and have configured them around a mirror system that would collect light and redirect it into the interior green belt.  The design features passive recirculation of air and water and will also work with other energy sources.  I’m not ready to present it formally but these images should give you some sense of the concept.
Orbiting Habitat
Hive Greenbelt and Habitation Zones
Hive Illumination
Louvered Mirror in Relation to the Sun
A Hive Landing Platform on the Mirror Axle
The Hive Exterior
Hive Rim Incorporates Magnetic Shielding
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