Disney was just breaking ground for Epcot when they hired us to design a Space Pavilion.  After a fire in 1995 ended The Brubaker Group I continued to work for Disney Imagineering as a consultant, first on Disneyquest and then with Imaging and Effects.  
Disneyquest featured a four story armillary sphere theme in the atrium with the Armillary Gun is it’s centerpiece.  I also designed several Virtual Reality based attractions.  The Leanchair secures the guest while he is wearing VR headgear, wielding a virtual sword from the deck of the Skyspeeder, three stories up.  I assisted Gilles Martin in creating real bronze cannons that the guests can fire for Tokyo Seas and the theater seats for Mickeys Philharmagic.  Four different effects are built into the seat ornamentation and the front row stanchions.
Armillary Gun at Disneyquest
Bronze Cannons at Tokyo Disney Seas
Mickey’s Philharmagic
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