Mom spent much of her year making Christmas presents and that inspired me to start doing my own cards.  It began sporadically in Michigan but a substantial mailing list has developed over four decades or so.  This is barely the tip of the iceberg.  
The anaglyph dove is a 3D model with left and right eye views rendered in red and blue.  If you’ve got the glasses it works great on the screen. The stealth sleigh was in response to the crash of a secret fighter in California.  I reasoned that Santa could benefit from an ultra-efficient radar-invisible sleigh that could do the same job with only two reindeer.  Note the antler nacelles. Shop at the Mobius Stripmall and you’ll never leave.  Even going over the edge won’t help.  I’ll add to this collection as I find the time, and if I can find the originals.
Christmas Project
Dove Anaglyph (3D glasses required)
Stealth Sleigh
Mobius Stripmall
Origami Reindeer
Low Relief White Paper Sculpture
Why Can’t We All Just Mellow Out?
Bodie (a ghost town)
 from 1987
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